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IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A SHOP NEAR YOU THAT SELLS QUALITY JEWELRY or just doesn’t have a large selection and you’re looking for fancy shit, THIS IS YOUR ANSWER.

We constantlyget asks about where to buy quality jewelry and THIS IS YOUR ANSWER. Even if you live in Canada or the UK or Australia or Europe - they ship to basically everywhere. If you location isn’t listed on their site, send an e-mail to customer service - they’re AMAZING.

Where you should get quality body jewelry from:
1. Your local studio that sells quality jewelry.
2. Body Art Forms.

PROTIP: Make an account and over time they’ll track the money spent and you’ll earn yourself a forever 10% off. They also allow you to submit reviews and product photos for store credit.
Kat, from the bottom of my heart thank you! No words can describe how much this means to us/me. Knowing that there are people out there supporting us and giving amazing piercing advise …it means so much. THANK THANK THANK YOU <3<3<3

I am getting stupid emotional because I am a giant cheese ball.

Your positive feedback is what we live for. Every time we get good feedback, we print it out and share it with everyone at the company. We hold onto stuff like this. Every one of us has something that a customer has sent us or  wrote us. The packers that pack your orders have little prints of comments that you have emailed us or written to us in a survey. I have kept stamps from customers and post-it notes that a customer has drawn a smile face on.

Thank you to everyone that shops with us and has taken the time to shoot us a small email to say thank you.  You guys are the best! - Melissa<3
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