Did you know? Silver jewelry should only be worn in 100% healed piercings. Sterling silver is made of 92.5% silver and 7.5% “other metal” (most common: copper). Nowadays, it’s rare that sterling silver contains nickel, but to be on the safe side, people with a nickel allergy should avoid wearing silver.

pants-cat asked:

I really wish your shipping was faster for poor chumps like me that can't afford any express delivery charges. Gonna' wait until I'm at a size that I feel I'll be sticking to for a long time before ordering, by the time I order them now I'd be ready to up size. On a lighter note, really appreciate the service you all provide and absolutely love and trust the collection of jewellery you offer! Kind regards from Scotland. (:

Thanks for your kind words! Basic international mail can take anywhere from three to six weeks on average, depending on the mail system and customs.

Make sure to not rush stretching! Here’s a guide for good estimated healing times for piercings :)

brooklynsoul1990 asked:

How come you don't sell solid gold nose rings??????

We do offer a couple of clicker styles in solid 14k gold -

They’re not listed, but we can order plain 14k gold clickers through Maria Tash. We’re also expecting a few more simple styles from Body Gems in the next couple of weeks.

If you have any questions about custom ordering something that may not be listed on our site, contact Melissa at

of-mice-and-batman asked:

Would I be able to get custom made stone or glass plugs? My ears are blown out an I don't know any sites that actually let me change up the wearable room,

We can custom order glass through Glasswear Studios, but we don’t have anyone to do custom stone.

Here’s a link for GWS custom order products-

If you have any questions on specifics, contact Melissa at :)

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